Compact Dry EC is a medium for E.coli and coliforms. The medium contains two kinds of chromogenic enzyme substrates: Magenta-Gal and X-Gluc. E.coli forms blue colonies. The total coliform group count is the sum of both the red and blue colonies.

Compact Dry EC

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  • CompactDry™ plates are suitable for detection and enumeration of microorganisms from foods and feeds, cosmetics and pharmaceutical samples, as well as for hygiene monitoring and contamination control in food-producing areas. Due to the chromogenic additives, colonies depict specific colouring, making them easy to interpret.

    CompactDry™ plates are easy and safe to handle. Due to storage at room temperature, they may be used even on site. One millilitre of the sample to be analysed is applied onto the sterile plate surface, spreading itself evenly over the plate during rehydration of the medium. 

    • Simple and safe to use
    • Safely non-slip stackable
    • Easy interpretation due to chromogenic additives and 1 x 1 cm grid
    • Storage and transport at room temperature
    • With detailed instruction-for-use
    • Suitable for the control of foods and feeds, cosmetics and pharmaceutical samples, for hygiene monitoring and contamination control, for schooling and student´s courses
  • The products will be delivered to your laboratory/productin facility within 48 hours (if the products are in stock). 

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