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We believe how businesses are increasingly taking more social and environmental responsibilities is one of the key elements for successful sustainable food systems transformation. Trade-offs between financial profitabilities and taking social, environmental and governance responsibilities are being reevaluated progressively today, simply because those short-term trade-offs can produce negative impacts for long term economic sustainability of the businesses.

At MILS, we believe creating financial returns, hence maintaining the financial sustainability, while taking social and environmental responsibilities is how a responsible businesses should be operating in the ecosystem.

Below are some of the key areas MILS has its impact on most significantly. 



12 millions Chickens

 2  millions Pigs

270,000 KGs 



Livestock Animals Raised Without or Minimal Antibiotics

by using probiotics manufactured from MILS

Food and Agriculture Produce Ensured as Safe to be Consumed 

by using MILS food testing laboratory or food safety products

Individuals Educated about the Importance of Food Safety

via online/offline channels, events and trainings organized by MILS

Food Producers Whose Businesses Were Positively Impacted

by one or more products and services of MILS 

*The indicators are collected as of FY2020-21 and are calculated with a methodology developed in-house by MILS. 

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