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Universities/ Researchers


MILS has established models for collaborative research and development activities with top universities and academic institutions. MILS strongly believes that effective collaborative R&D between private sector and academic bodies is an important foundation for practical innovations for industries in the ecosystem.  

With currently active areas of agri-food innovations and animal health, MILS is always keen to explore together with universities, academic institutions, undergraduates and graduates. If the proposed topics in these areas are aligned with the interest of MILS or with its products and services, partial or full funding can be expected from MILS along with the use of its facilities such as laboratories. 

Industrial Partners/ NGOs

The value MILS is creating in the ecosystem is beyond selling its products and services but helping stakeholders achieve their goals. We serve our private sector customers with best-in-class food safety and quality management solutions as well as walking through the journey of helping them develop better, more sustainable and high-value products.


MILS have also worked with non-government organizations such as USAID and World Food Program (WFP) for insightful studies in food safety, security, market-driven food safety standards and certifications etc. 


Whether you are a researcher, graduate or business development manager, we are always excited to get engaged and explore with you for R&D activities for meaningful and sustainable development of the food systems. 

Please drop us an email at with the subject: "Research Collaboration."

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