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Our vision is founded upon the realization that the planet we live in has finite resources and yet we are producing and consuming as if we have unlimited resources. 


Despite limited resources and reaching closer to the peak productivity, global population is expected to increase from current 7.8 billion to 9.7 billion by 2050. With increasing middle class income, global calorie demands are expected to increase almost double and collectively 70% more food needs to be produced by 2050. At the same time, 1/3 of globally produced food is not reaching to the consumers or wasted.


With these equations, it is obvious that "Business As Usual" does not work anymore. The fundamental challenge here is to build a food-secured future under limited resource settings with minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact while maintaining coherence of our social foundations. 

New Food Systems Needs New Approaches

Solving this challenge needs systemic changes in our current food systems. Old food systems are build upon old supply chains, logistic and technological infrastructures. New food systems have to be built with new approaches with the key elements such as sustainability and resource-efficiency in mind.

Our Vision

We envision a food-secured future with just, humane and sustainable food systems thriving with resilient value chains.  

With that vision in mind, our mission is to help food producers including farmers produce safer, higher-value products more sustainably, inclusively and resource-efficiently with our innovative products and services. 

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