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Our Value Creation

Safe, just and quality food cannot be obtained by working in silos separately in each segment but only by working together with all the stakeholders in interwoven and integrated manner from farm to fork along the value chain. This is why MILS products and services are strategically positioned along the agri-food value chain from farm to fork to create values synergistically for our customers in the most cost-efficient way. 

Either you are a farmer who is trying to obtain higher prices for your produces or a processor who wants to be more competitive by improving the quality or a retailer/F&B outlet who wants to makes sure the food you sell and serve is safe, our experts can walk you through the journey towards more sustainable, responsible and profitable business.  



Agri-Food Value Chain

Primary Production

Agriculture Inputs

Mobile Laboratory

Traceability Solutions

Food Safety and Quality Control Products

Agri-food Testing Laboratory

Animal Health Research

Food Safety


Food Innovation Research

Market & Regulatory Standards and Certifications Studies

Food Safety & Quality Management Systems

Retail/ Wholesale/ F&B 


Post-Harvest/ Processing


International Trade

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