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Coming decades will be very challenging for the world to feed its growing population amidst climate change impacts, geo-political conflicts and socio-economic divides, especially for countries such as Myanmar which is already on its rough path. Agriculture and food sector which contributes to nearly 40% of its GDP and employs over 60% of the labor force needs the element of resilience more than ever. 


As resilience demands adaptation and adaptation demands reliable information, it is now crucial for Myanmar's agri-food stakeholders , especially private sector, to make informed decisions to navigate better in the challenging operating environment. 


A Reliable Platform to Stay Informed

The Breakfast Briefing of MILS provides a space for producers, market actors, and key stakeholders in the agri-food sector of Myanmar to get the latest information on market opportunities, industry trends, regulatory updates and changing dynamics of the agri-food ecosystem. By attending the Breakfast Briefings regularly, the participants will be able to gain useful information, insights, and networking opportunities very time-efficiently and navigate better in this rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. 

Upcoming Briefing

Date: 28th August 2023, Monday

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Platform: Zoom

Language: Myanmar (No Translation Available)

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