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One of the top priorities of established food businesses is to ensure the business sustainability in the ecosystem amidst the fierce competition and regulatory compliances. While both markets and consumers are constantly demanding safer and higher quality products, more food producers are establishing food safety and quality management systems in their production plants such as HACCP, GMP and ISO22000. 

With our international experts and experienced and competent local team, MILS is helping food producers from any sector to achieve food safety and quality management certifications. Below are the areas MILS experts can provide the services; 

  • Consultation on the production plant layout and building plans

  • Pre-assessment of the existing prerequisite programs 

  • Consultation and implementation of food safety and quality management systems (HACCP, GMP, ISO22000) 

  • Providing training for quality assurance managers and production workers

  • Conducting Internal Audit

By working together with MILS, food businesses receives a best-in-class all-rounded integrated services from day one until achieving the certifications.

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