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At MILS, we firmly believe that "innovation" is the key to sustainable food systems transformation. We create values in the ecosystem by leveraging on innovation, technology and our scientific expertise to help food businesses make better decisions and produce safer, more sustainable and high-value products, to eventually have better market access.  

MILS is a purpose-driven organization hence our impactful activities, bundled as revenue streams, are divided into two business units named according to the purposes they serve in the agri-food ecosystem. 


Food Security & Innovation Business Unit bundles our revenue streams and activities which are directly and indirectly impact sustainable food production, hence food security.


Irresponsible use of antibiotics in livestock animal production leads to Antimicrobial Resistant (AMR) which WHO estimates that by 2050 will kill more than 10 million people per year (more than what cancer kills) if the use is not regulated strictly. MILS is manufacturing probiotics, the most commonly used alternative for antibiotics, at its FDA-approved production plant in Yangon since 2014 to help poultry and swine farmers in Myanmar produce safer, more sustainable and higher quality products.


One major challenge in balancing food productivity and availability is ensuring food safety of the produced food because what is not safe enough to consume is simply not considered food. 

Understanding food safety starts at the farm level primary production and ends at consumers, MILS with its farm to fork approach provides best-in-class integrated food safety solutions for all types of food businesses from primary producers and post-harvest facilities to processors and retail/wholesalers. With its prestige as the most committed company for food safety, MILS creates values for its customers beyond selling products and services.   

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Agri-food testing Laboratory Services

Food Safety & Quality Control Products

Food Safety and Quality Management Services


MILS believes that the more significant things we want to achieve, the more we have to work hand-in-hand with all the relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem. MILS has been working together with organizations below in a synergistic collaborations to create values for sustainable food system transformation. 

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