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Food Safety and Quality Control Products

Investing in food safety and quality becomes a top priority for many regional and global food businesses at the times of tightened regulatory measures, increasing market competitiveness and consumer demands. MILS serves as a reliable partner for established companies who commits and invests in food safety and quality together with our renowned international partners, affiliates and suppliers.


As an official distributor for many global brands, MILS provide values for its customers beyond product sales by providing fully integrated food safety and quality management solution such as; 

  • Identifying food safety risks

  • Screening the most cost-efficient solutions

  • Selecting the right equipment and consumables 

  • Setting up and installation 

  • Providing reliable after-sales services


New Customers

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or call +95 9 250070271. ​

Existing Customers

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Placing Orders               : +95 9 794622346

Delivery Status Enquiry : +95 9 250070271

Mycotoxin Diagnostic Kits

Drug Residue Diagnostic Kits

Histamine Diagnostic Kits

Hygiene Monitoring Systems

Surface Residue Tests

Indicator Organism Tests

PCR Pathogen Tests

Process Efficiency Tests

Pesticide Test Kits  

Food Allergen Test Kits

Food Adulteration Test Kits

QC Reference Microorganisms

Hygiene Monitoring Dip Slides

Ready-To-Use Culture Media

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