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Why "Business As Usual" does not work anymore ? Have a look at the "True" cost of food.

Our food system is failing us, and too few people understand the true cost of the food we consume, and lack clear incentives to change a system that is costing us dearly. That’s why accounting for the true cost of the food we eat is the first, necessary step towards remaking the incentive structure that drives our food system today.

Based on the framework used in the report, the true cost of food, when considering health outcomes, healthcare costs, environmental costs, and other impacts, is at least three times the current expenditure on food.

In this report, The Rockefeller Foundation presents the true cost of food in the U.S., which measures the costs of our food system today to our health, environment, and society. Consumers pay that high cost even if they don’t see it in the check-out line. And, if we don’t change our food system, future generations will pay those high costs, too.


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