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MILS is an innovation-focused company based dedicated to help food producers including farmers produce safer and higher quality products.

Our animal health business in the upstream of the food chain is helping livestock farmers in Myanmar produce safer and more sustainable end-products.  With our veterinary probiotics manufactured under Myanmar FDA-approved production plant in Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone, farmers in Myanmar can now reduce the harmful use of antibiotic in livestock production. 

Our food safety business in the mid-stream is helping agri-food and food producers produce safer food with our food safety and quality control solutions. With international partnerships, our food safety products are helping quality control technicians of bigger food producers. On the other hand, our centralized quality control laboratory is helping agri-food and food producers who cannot afford to set up their own quality control laboratories. 



PROBIO-P is one of the flagship products of MILS dedicated to improve quality and sustainability of poultry industry by improving the gastrointestinal health of the birds in a sustainable way. PROBIO-P increases the commercial profitability and minimises the chance of the development of antibiotic resistance by eliminating the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics. Learn more about PROBIO-P >>