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MILS and NISSUI entered into a partnership to uplift food safety and quality in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar | 24 August 2021

MILS and Nissui Pharmaceuticals announced today that they have entered into strategic partnership to uplift the food safety and quality in Myanmar through the promotion of a rapid microbiological analysis technology developed by Nissui Pharmaceutical.

CompactDry™, a flagship innovation of Nissui Pharmaceuticals in the form of ready-to-use rapid diagnostic kits for microbiological analysis, helps to reduce the time and human resources needs to perform microbial testing in agri-food industry. To ensure reliability, NISSUI has gained certifications from the AOAC in the U.S. and MicroVal and NordVal in the EU. In Japan, the CompactDry™ Test Methods have been included in the official Standard Methods of Analysis in Food Safety Regulation.

Both MILS and Nissui strongly believe that the product will significantly help food producers in Myanmar tackle the challenges they are facing in ensuring the food safety and quality for their products.

For more information about CompactDry™, please visit:

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